Lithuanian citizenship by descent
Experts in Lithuanian citizenship


If you are eligible for the dual Lithuanian citizenship by descent, then the following steps should be followed:

I. Finding the proof of citizenship of your ancestor 

Our team will help you to search necessary documents in Lithuanian and other countries' archives proving that your ancestor held Lithuanian citizenship. 

II. Obtaining necessary documents from your home country

We’ll advise you on what kind of documents you need for the procedure of the dual Lithuanian citizenship.

III. Translating documents to Lithuanian

Our team will take care of the certified translations from your native language to Lithuanian.

IV. Applying 

Our team will submit the application to get Lithuanian citizenship by descent on your behalf directly in Lithuania to the Migration Department. 

V. Following up the application

Our team will follow up on your case and make sure any required information is provided during the evaluation process.

VI. Lithuanian citizenship granted! You can enjoy EU citizenship benefits.

Absolute majority of procedures end in 6-12 months from submitting the application. When the procedure of getting Lithuanian citizenship by descent is finished, you can start a procedure to get a Lithuanian passport.